The Blow-in-Blanket Contractors Association serves insulation contractors throughout the US and Canada with industry news, training seminars, conventions, material specs, and networking resources.

Need a Great Insulation System to help reduce your energy costs? Click Here to find a qualified BIBS contractor.

Want a good, fair comparison of insulation systems?

BIBCA is opening up our annual trade show and convention to the general public for an objective, educational session on the good, bad, and ugly of insulation.

We want builders, architects, inspectors, and homeowners to understand the real value of upgraded insulation, and how quickly it pays in energy savings. To accomplish this, BIBCA opens our doors to everyone interested for 2 hours of good education on what’s available in the market, and what will best suit your needs.

Which systems are most expensive? Why? What’s the real story on air infiltration? How does cellulose compare to fiberglass? Why are spray foam systems so popular today?

Top industry experts will answer these questions and more.

BIBS dealers and installers from the US and Canada will meet in Vegas for three days of networking, training, building science, business management, and of course what’s new in environmental, energy savings, and sound control issues. BIBCA will offer CEU’s in cooperation with the Las Vegas Homebuilders Association.

For more information on specific coursework, or to take advantage of the free installer training (for convention attendees only) held on the 17th, contact the BIBCA office toll free at (866) 330-2427 or . Preregistration is required, so make your plans now!

BIBCA Mission Statement
“It is our goal to organize, standardize, and promote the Blow-In-Blanket System for the benefit of homeowners and our members.”

The original, and still the best blown-in insulation you can get – BIBS was specifically designed to provide a custom fit and the highest R-value possible. Many other systems have come onto the market as builders and homeowners recognize the value of upgraded insulation systems; but the Blow In Blanket Systemremains the choice of consumers who demand the best, with more years of experience, more testing, and more happy homeowners over the years.

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