Full Service Paint and Stain Division, Applicational Knowledge and Experience

Grade A Construction Inc. offers a full service Paint Division to complement our Insulation and Drywall Divisions.  We are fortunate to have leading our staff a Paint Manager with 40 years of field experience.  He is also a certified Lead Paint Abatement Supervisor.  His knowledge surpasses that of the vast majority of our competitors.  Blessed with this degree of experience and backed by a staff of exceptional painters.  Grade A can efficiently and professionally man any size paint job.  Give us the opportunity to show you how the “Grade A Difference” of quality workmanship and expeditious service applies to our Paint Division.

Finishes and Coatings

We can offer a broad array of final surface coatings ranging from all architectural coatings, the various phases of paint applications, fillers, elastomerics and custom wood finishing and staining.  Grade A Construction Inc. will give you the same top quality job as any specialized finish painter.  As a service for the future, you will find an adequate quantity of touch up paints and stains labeled and left on the job site for the customer.

The ‘Grade A Difference” is that you don’t need the services of a specialized painter for your construction project in addition to the base coat product provided by another painting contractor.  You can get it all and done right the first time by partnering with Grade A Construction Inc.  We have the expertise, manpower and all the necessary equipment to handle any of your interior or exterior painting needs.

Contact Grade A Construction Inc for more about his unique, special service.  Grade A Constructions’ Paint Division has service trucks furnished with dual spray equipment.  This means we are capable of spraying with both the conventional spray method and also the airless, high pressure method.

Current, state of the art technology is the airless system.  This system sprays at 3000 psi and assures deep penetration into the drywall and any surface textures.  when this system is combined with the back rolling service we provide, it ensures you an exactly uniform color match.  Back rolling is essence re-blends the wet paint and creates a slight, uniform texture compatible with touch up techniques used down the road as necessary.  Few of our competitors will take the time to back roll after spraying.  Once again, this is another aspect of the “Grade A Difference”.

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